25th June, 2012

Tax Return 2012

Tax Return 2012
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Tax Return 2012 Another tax year finishes and we are starting work on our clients 2012 Tax returns, although the 2012 tax year ended on 5 April 2012, it takes avwhile for the documents that we require to prepare a self assessment tax return to be sent out to clients.

Avlot of the tax returns that we prepare are for property landlords and invariably the largest cost that they have to charge against their property income id mortgage interest. It should be noted that only the interest portion of your mortgage can be considered an expense for the purposes of calculating your taxable profits on a property letting, the capital element is not allowed. This is why we have to wait for the banks and building societies to send out the annual statements for the year ended 5 April 2012. These statements break down the monthly payment into capital and interest. Quite why it takes them until the end of May to send out these statements we will never know.

The same applies for Bank Interest and Building Society Interest Statements, these identify the interest added for the year and show the tax that has already been deducted at source on this interest.

If you are an existing client or if you wish to become a client now is the time that all your documents should be gathered together and sent to us. Our downloadable proformas act as checklists for you to ensure that you declare all the income that you should do and enable us to make sure that you pay the minimum tax that is legally possible.

If you are new to PGA Self Assessment please have a look at our main page and get yourself an instant quote to see how little our service costs.

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