Expatriate Tax Returns

Fixed Price Expatriate Tax Returns £149 All Inclusive

If you have any income that arises in the UK, then you will need to disclose it on a self-assessment tax return, if you are tax resident in another country.

From experience, the number one source of income that is required to be disclosed by non-residents and expatriates is rental income from property, although there are also other sources of income such as pensions, interest, dividends, and capital gains that can also trigger the requirement for a self-assessment tax return for non-residents.

Expatriate Tax Return Price

Our prices are straight forward and reasonable, our cost for a Personal Self-Assessment Tax Return For Non-Residents (Expatriates) is a flat £149 including VAT.
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What Is Included In A Personal Tax Return For Expatriates?

From the information that you provide us we will prepare the following:
  • A review of all information ensuring you are aware of any areas that we feel you could save tax.
  • Your Personal Self-Assessment Tax Return For Non-Residents ready for approval.
  • Submission online of the agreed Tax Return.

We have a helpful pro forma that will assist you in providing the figures that are required to prepare your return. This will be sent to you once we understand your specific requirements.

Please complete the contact form on this page and we will be in touch.

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