11th December, 2012

Uniform Tax Refund

Uniform Tax Refund
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There are millions of people who work in the UK who are eligible for a Uniform Tax Refund and do not have any idea that it is owing to them.

PGA Self Assessment can help you obtain this refund, if there is no refund, you pay no fee, this way you can not lose. Leave all the paperwork to us and enjoy the Uniform Tax Refund when it arrives.

To be eligable for a Uniform Tax Refund, you need to answer yes to the following questions

  1. Do you wear a uniform for work (even a shirt with a logo on it will count)
  2. Do you wash the uniform yourself?
  3. Are all the costs of washing the uniform paid for by you? (No employer contribution received)

If you can answer yes to the above 3 questions, then we are pretty sure that you are owed money from the tax man. We are experienced in reclaiming Uniform Tax Refunds and make the whole process easy for you, we complete all the paperwork and deal directly with HMRC. You just wait a few weeks while the claim is processed and then receive your cheque.

If for some reason the claim is unsuccessful we do not charge you a penny,no win no fee. you cannot lose.

Our Uniform Tax Refund Service is going to be launched soon and will be a ground breaking Fixed Fee Service of

£25 + VAT

We will not keep a percentage, what is yours is yours, we will work for a fixed fee and we believe we are the first company to offer this service at this price. No matter how large your refund we still will only charge £25 + vat.

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