18th November, 2012

Self Assessment Service

Self Assessment Service
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The self assessment service that we provide at ISA is based on value for money and accuracy, we are able to charge the fees that we do because we have embraced technology to make the process of preparing a self assessment tax return more efficient for our clients and for ourselves.

This results in us being able to provide a self assessment service that prepares, agrees and files your individual self assessment tax return for a flat fee starting at just £75 plus VAT. If you have property income just add an extra £20 per property to this base cost and you find one of the best value for money Self Assessment Services on the market.

This price compares favourably against any of our competitors and in addition to our ease of use and low fees, every self assessment return that is prepared by us is reviewed and authorised by a qualified accountant. You can relax in the knowledge that you are paying the legal minimum amount of tax because we have the skills, experience and qualifications to ensure that our self assessment service is the best available.

We are experienced property accountants and our self assessment service provides a one stop service for landlords again at value for money prices, just add on £20 to our base cost of £75 for each property rental income that you have, in addition to heat so all the benefits of using our service as seen above, if you own a property with your partner we will prepare your partners Self Assessment Tax Return at a 50% discount to your own.

All the information that we need can be provided in one of our easy to understand pro formas which can be downloaded from our main web page at PGA Self Assessment

Alternatively call us to discuss your requirements on 01666 822256.

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