2nd February, 2013

CIS Tax Return

CIS Tax Return
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We are please to announce that our low cost CIS tax return service has been launched on 1 February 2013.

We are providing this service to construction workers who have 20% tax deducted at source through the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) method of taxation.

In most cases it is probable that because the deduction of tax is a straight 20% there will be a substantial refund due each year for anyone who is taxed in this way.

Our low cost service is provided at a cost of £150 plus vat, we understand that the construction industry is going through a rough time and we are doing our best to help the workers who will help build Britain out of recession.

Just browsing the internet has shown us that there are many companies out there who advertise them selves as tax refund companies! What are their qualification, experience and insurance? We have “borrowed some information from one of these websites and you can see below the sort of figures that are being charged for a CIS Tax Return

TaxRefundPro12% + Vat
1st Contact12.5% + Vat
Rapid Refunds12.5% + Vat
Poltax15% + Vat
TaxFix16.8% – 18.9%
Tax Rebate Services30%
Tax Refund Co. (

Anything up to 40% of your refund is taken, this is your money!

We will provide you with a set of accounts after you complete our easy to use spreadsheet which collects all the information that we require to prepare your tax return and calculate your correct tax position.

We will send you this easy to use spreadsheet once you contact us regarding your CIS Tax Return, you can do this by emailing us at

or by phoning us on 01666 822256

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